Who am I now?

Very basically, passportlike I am Silvia Angel born 31.07.1988 in Neu-Ulm. I am the middle one of three sibblings - an older brother and a younger sister. I graduated school 2008 with Abitur in Germany and spent the last 10 month at the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) in Sweden. Right now I am on a dance tour with 7 girls from YIP.

How do you feel?

I think tis poem of mine represents a lot of how I feel:

unperfect world?

whenever I see the sun rising

whenever I see the moon shining

I can feel that I’m living in a wonderful world


whenever I hear people crying

whenever I hear that persons are dying

I can sense that I’m living in an unperfect world


when I stand up in the morning

I can look into the mirror and frown

if you think about it
it could be worth it

to look into the mirror and smile


everything has it’s good sides

and everything has it bad sides

it’s your decision

which things you see

when I look into the world

I see a lot of problems

when I look a little bit closer

I see a lot of people who can solve them…
so I say:

we just have to get connected
and start acting
think about it

we just have to get connected

and start acting

…and the world will change…

Do you have professional Questions? What are they?

Questions I ask myself are for example:
How can we educate young people in a way that they become suvereign to follow their passions and dreams for the world?
How can we create political and economical systems that support cooperation and suvereinity?
How can we organize ourselves in a bigger maybe even global sense with out loosing the connection to our location, to the here and now?

What are you dreams?

Another poem:

My favourite Moments - when Learning truely happens

There are a certain kind of moments,
I’d like to foster.
They’re not always easy to describe

They happen once here, once there.

Sometimes they’re long, sometimes they’re short.
There are so many different ways to experience.

Once in a while, you might like to be on your own,
listening to the nature.
Another time, you might listen to a lecturer
with hundreds of others.

Or you sit in a circle,
directed by the authority of a talking piece.

You might have to choose between
a world- and a pro-action-cafe,
Think about, wether you want an open space
or an appreciative inquiry.

But what truly matters are the moments
in which we let go of fear and hope,
in which we let go of wrong and right.

When we connect to our curiosity towards the world and us.

When we establish a feeling of trust in us and the world.
These are the moments I want to foster.
These are the moments

when learning truly happens,

when learning really deepens,

when everything becomes a teacher.

I wrote this poem at an Art of Hosting training therefore the examples in itallic, but you can fill in any other situation where learning truely happens, the rest will still be true for me :-)

What are your challenges?

I think my challenges will be to find longterm fellows and the right place to start something with perspective.

My purpose:

I want to join, because I hope it will strengthen my will and capacties to go for what I believe in and help me find fellows and powerfull ways of working together.

My action:

I spent a lot of time time in the previous years, questioning our current economic, political and educational system. I have been taking actions in different areas in different ways.

During my schooltime I initiated and hosted the forming of a student council, seeing that this was the only way of giving the pupils a voice.

Since I was 16 I have been working with the OMNIBUS for Direct Democracy in Germany (www.omnibus.org), who aims to initiate a law, that gives the citizens the possibilities to initiate nation wide referedums in the country. I was mainly talking to people on the street discussion issues of suvereinity and democracy.

Last April I went on an internship in South Africa where I supported a friend of mine with his initiative of a Youth Development Center. I went in different classes in different schools with him and 4 other girl and asked the students what their dreams for the Center were. I also created a logo and website for his project.

As a final project of YIP I interviewed all my fellows there, what there thought was important for education and created a little 10 munite clip.

What is important for education. from YIP – One Year of Making Sense on Vimeo.

My commitment:

I want to help to develop schools into better places, where all the themes my fellow YIPpies touched on in the video are represented. I want to see that learning is fun and schools are places where young people can get inspired and like to be and I wish that students leave the school enable to shape their lifes the way they want to and co-create the society around them in a way that supports them.
As I am from Germany, I see myself getting engaged in projects there, but I will also follow the wind, see where it blows me to and where I am needed.