If I think about an aspect in a community I am involved, that I feel needs improvement, then it is

my school.

Even though I left school already 2 years ago, I still feel connected to it and the needs I saw for change, have a place in my heart.
In school I saw a lot of exchanging facts, old facts, discovered years and years ago. Teachers teaching facts, pupils learning facts, facts determining what is happening. As I went to a Rudolf Steiner school, we also learned a lot of crafts and how to use our hands.
But I was never taught in school how to questions things, how to wonder about the world, how to find new solutions no-one ever though of before, how to determine mine and co-determine all our lives together or how to have fun and celebrate.
I have big dreams of what could happen different in schools in a long run, which at times are clearer and at other times are more blurt. Looking at a short run though, I was thinking of

giving a workshop

in my school for a while, and as the annual workshops week for the upper school was happening in July, that looked like the perfect opportunity for this task.
So the plan was made. A five day workshop, with pupils from grade 9 to 11, where I could try to inspired, what I had missed in school.