Once I decided, that I wanted to do that workshop, things seemed to align perfectly :-). While I had thought that workshop week in my school would be, as it used to be, in the beginning of the school year, meaning mid September, it had actually been moved to the end of the school year, meaning end of July. And that was the time where I was planning to go to my school with the The World as the Garden group anyway to perform our dance show. So without long thinking I new who would support me.

My dancing fellows

Johanna Bachmann - sometimes dreamy, always lovely, passionate and supporting

Ediane de Lima - very dedicated, funny and filled with a big heart

Georgia Klapp - still searching her way, genuine and honest

Alex Gribble
Nakyta Grimm - just there whenever needed, with her loving and caring soul

Dominique Schacherer - she wants to get things right, practical and balanced spirit

As our dancing tour kept us all quite occupied, there wasn’t a big preparation phase for our workshop, but actually we only found two afternoons to brainstorm a little bit about the content until two days before the workshop started.
The first brainstorm was just between, Ediane, Johanna and me, and very broad. When we were starting to plan, we were stunned by how much time we actually had with the students, and a bit paralyzed what to do with them for so long. But after a few hours of brainstorms and remembering what we had learned at YIP we could already see a wonderful and fun week shaping itself. We titled the week “Spielend die Welt bewegen - Playing to move the world”. In doing so we understood both playing as well as moving in to ways. The german word “spielend” has two meanings, on is “playing” and the other one is “in an easy way”, meaning in our workshop we wanted to include games but also facts given in an easy way. Concerning the move, in one sense we meant to change, but then in another we also meant to literally move, as we were planning to have small dancing sessions with the student.
For our second brainstorm, all the girls came together and the plan was to boil it more down then, but actually we had to go back to some essentials all together, to find ourselves on the same page again. Which was good and hard work :-).
After that we had found out for all of us, that the workshop should include sharing our experience at YIP as well as with The World as a Garden and give the students a week of playful learning and inspiration on how to move the world. We were dedicated to bring meaningful content, but it should be heavy or dry in any way. Through co-operative games, World Cafe, playful challenges, pictures, movies, conversations and dance, we wanted to create a real learning experinece.

Skills & Resources

With that I want to come to the skills and resources we had. Later during our dance tour, we found out that

Stuart Dow (see above) - very chilled and relaxed, but there when needed
and Hannah Smythe - just lovely and caring with all her spirit

were willing to help us with the workshop as well. It was incredible, how so many different and wonderful skills were coming together than. All lot of us tried different roles and tasks of providing and hosting the space over time, which was very nice and refreshing. A few specific roles I think I nice to mention. So was Alex Gribble volunteering to take care of the documentation, Stuart Dow came into the group with a fresh mind, outside of the dance group and brought some male power :-) and Hanna Smythe didn’t actually come and help withe the planning or the workshop, but she stayed at home and made sure, we would have a wonderful meal waiting for us, when we come home.
Coming to the resources, we were very lucky to be allowed to borrow the film camera of my mum and all kind of resources, like a drum and a projector, from the school.


I want to use this platform, to once again thank everyone that supported us and me in this project!