Wow the action :-).

It was so exciting for me! To bring all these wonderful people with me, back in my hometown, back to my old school, and to see what energy we could generate! I am thankful every moment for it.

As I was the host, many different tasks would meet me at the same time, and sometimes I was just dreaming of sleeping a few more hours instead of going for all that actions…. but in retrospect I am happy I did run around busy, and we could do all the things we did, the only thing that bugs me, is that I wasn’t involved in the harvesting at all… and now I find myself here thinking: “How on earth am I going to make this creative and interesting??? But as it is with creativity sometimes, before I finish tipping this sentence an idea forms in my head, and I hope you’ll enjoy it :-). I instead of just giving you facts and pictures (you will find the facts and the wonderful movie Alex Gribble created at the bottom) I want to tell you a story:

The Story

A story of a girl called Silvia. A girl? Hmm someone might want to call her a women already, as she has lived on that planet for over 21 years now.

Little Silvia

She has a younger sister and an older brother, which give her hope and support in her family, but she also has a Mum and a Dad, that had been fighting almost everyday, when she still lived with them and went to school.
In that time, little Silvia was always hoping, that school would be a place, where she would learn how to deal with the issues and problems she met in the world, but instead school would cause even more problems for her, and very seldom someone was there to help.

Leaving home

In the past year, Silvia left home and met old as well as young people from all over the world, that didn’t seem to have anything better to do than help her. At the beginning she wasn’t sure whether she should trust them, or better pretend they weren’t there, but after time she realized they meant what they said and they helped when they were needed.
That experience filled her heart so deeply with love and joy, that she knew, the only thing she could do, to pay back, was give that love and joy to new people. But as she was new in that realm of work, she knew she would need a lot of help.

Coming home

So on that very Friday night, the 18th of July 2010, she didn’t return to who her old home, just taking her luggage and closing the door of her room behind her, but she arrived with 8 new friends, that filled the whole house with joy, energy and laughter. She and her friends didn’t leave the house as fast as they could and leave all the work that needed to be done to the people there, but each and everyone was dedicated to find their way to help. Some help was more obvious than others, a warm delicious meal might have gotten more ahhs and uhhs, than a caring word in a hidden corner, but all help was appreciated, and brought its own transformation.
Of course there was the workshop they did with the students, the actual 16 hours they spent with the young people, but there were also the endless hours where they were sitting together after and before every new workshop day to review and reflect what they had done as well as to dream and design what they would do the next day. Both actions were carried by a loving dedication to do good in co-operation with everything around.

The planning

When they were planning the workshop and someone wasn’t agreeing with the others, then they woul take another hour of their very precious sleeping time to the understand the concern of that person, to come to a consensus. They would listen to each other, even if they couldn’t understand at the beginning, what the other person was talking about. They would respect someones decision, even if it was hard for them. They would accept and love each other unconditionally. This not only filled their own hearts with joy and believe in a better world and better way of dealing with each other, but also the heart of Silvia’s mother. This was a wonderful transformation, that most of them not even saw, but for Silvia only that was already worth, every single action she had taking to make that happen.

The workshop

Coming to the actual workshop. It was incredible for Silvia, to see how the students enjoyed the activities hosted by her friends and her. The activities that they themselves had only experienced a few month ago, but were now able to share with the students. It was wonderful to see, how the students asked provoking questions and challenged themselves in different ways. With some of the students Silvia could feel, that the spark, that the workshop had given, was already giving birth to a big flame, that would get far in its work for the good and give further inspiration for new people. The workshop generated a positive energy that not just the hosts and participants of the workshop could feel, but was also appreciated by other members of the school community. Silvia was amazed how teachers that once almost made her believe, that things like that are not possible, now come up to her and thanked her, that she brought all these young inspiring people to their school.

The facts:

Wednesday 21th of July 2010: Creating Community

* Welcoming and introduction
* A getting to know game
* Circle and introduction of the students to each other “what brings you here?”
* Who are we – visual and verbal presentation about YIP and The World as a Garden
* World Café:

  1. What do you see in the world?
  2. What do you see that needs to be moved in the world?
  3. What do you see in the world that can be moved by youth?

* Dance class
* Closing circle

Thursday 22th of July 2010: Cooperation

* Game
    (“what do we have in common?”)
* Cooperative game “musical chairs”
    (cooperative and competitive versions in comparison) and debrief about real life
* Presentation about cooperation in Kenya
* Water challenge and harvest:

  1. What if there was not enough water in the world?
  2. What/ who should have priority?
  3. Who should take care of it?

* Dance class

Friday 23th of July 2010: Awareness and Dream

* Evolution game
* “Home” movie and reflection with the question “What surprised you?”
* Introduction of the power of Dream
* Circle dance
* Trust Game (lifting a person up)
* Dance class

Monday 26th of July 2010:

* Game
* Dreaming exercise (questions as an interview) and sharing of 2. and 7. question in the circle

   1. If you knew you could not fail, what would you be doing for the healing of the world?
   2. In pursuing this vision what particular dream would you realize?
   3. What resources, inner and outer, do you now have that will help you to do that?
   4. Now, what resources, inner and outer, will you need to require?
   5. How might you stop yourself?
   6. How will you overcome these obstacles?
   7. What can you do in the next 24 hours, no matter how small the step, that will move you towards your inner vision?

* Game
* How would your dream house look like?
* Dance class

Tuesday 27th of July 2010: Celebrating Community

* Harvesting of the week in a movie
* What are we going to present for the whole high school later?
* Game Charades (with highlights of the week)
* Dance
* Baracate
* Circle and bring an object that represents “what does the week mean to you?”
* Presentation to the high school

The beautiful harvest

by Alexandra Gribble