All in all it was an excieting experience, challaging but also rewarding.

Positive aspects in the process

I just loved the tasks and how they made me look at myself, the things a have around me, the issues I want to work on, the people I love and need for it and finally the actual action I want to take right now, without any further ado… and then again at what is waiting for me to learn and do in the future.

Difficult aspects in the process

I guess I struggled a lot, with the timing of the tasks. In themselves they seemed to have the right timing, in the sense of, when I did a task it would take me longer than you guys asked for, but combined with my daily life, it was hard to fit them in most of the time and sometimes I would have wished to change them around, and not have them in a specific order.

Negatives and inefficient aspects in the process

I didn’t feel that there were a lot or actually any negative aspects in the process. Hmm except maybe that the blogging kept me in front of my laptop so many times, where I would have loved to just enjoy getting involved in the random daily activties, but I can’t think of a better way to do it either.

Sagnificant changes in me

At the beginning I thought ah the game is exciting and I would have an busy but rather easy time, but actually I struggeld a lot to find time for it. That made me ask myself, why my life seems to be so full, that I struggle to fit in creative tasks like these ones. I still ponder about how and when exactly, but I DEFINITELY WANT TO CREATE a time in my days, that is dedicated to any kind of random kindness and creativity.

Effect of the Game

I guess the game taught me, that I ACTUALLY CAN initiate the changes I want to see in my community, but that I ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO IT, to see an effect. It taught me, that I have to learn to balance my wish of having an effect and my need to rest. I taught me a wonderfull trust in the world, because with a bunch of good friends on your side, its very hard to fail :-).


I developed a huge feeling of gratitude towards the world and the people around me, and want to thank a the little and small helpers once again!