Task 2/6


Wow that’s an interesting task :-).

In my family we recycle glass, plastic, paper and special trash, like metal or styrofoam, since I can remember. So before I started I asked myself two more questions:

Is there a better way than recycling? What could I actually re-use?

To get a better overview I collected everything in a big box (except the the natural trash which went right into our compost in the garden).

Now I am sitting curiously down to make the list.


There is an old mp3-player that doesn‘t work anymore as well as an old charger for a mobile I don‘t have anymore.

I will see if the local electronics store here has any use for it.


8 old, ripped and worn out panties: I take them appart, to convert the biggset pieces into rags that we can use for paint in our renovating work at our house.

The remains I will trow in the bin.


A massive pile of paper. Obviously it is all not nice paper anymore, otherwise I wouldn‘t have put it away. But I am amazed how many of the papers are actually used on one side, so I collect all of them in a pile for notes like shopping or packing lists. I also look at all the used envelops and decide I want to re-use them. :-) That also works as a nice reminder for me, to actually write my friends again. The remains will go in the official paper recylcling system.

Left to right: Envelops, paper for notes, remains.


A travel guide for Thailand, I decide to put in an internet second hand shop. Do maybe it can find use again.

Random things

A box out of paper that originally contained sweets.

I decide to put new sweets in it, and put it the living room, for guest and homies who need a litlle mood lifter.


Different kinds of plastic packaging.

Apart from the plastic bag I keep to re-use, I fail to find use for that stuff, so it will go in the official plastic recycle system.

Glass. metal and trash

A small glass bottle that will go in the official glass recycling system, a small metal piece, like a coin, that will go in the metal bin, and a small pile of packaging that consist of different materials and also glue that will go into the normal trash.

Left to right: trash, metal piece, glass bottle.

The result

So this is the result, I am quite impressed how small the pile got, after taking away all the things I could recycle. A fun task :-) I have to say.


As I moved a year ago and two month ago again, all big things I didn‘t use are out of the window already, but I could find a list of small things:

a card box for learning
a basket with small gemstones
a small self-made clay vase
a milk froth maker
a bunch of marbles
5 books about macrame
a book about starting something new
a small portable stove with a fitting pot
some funny hairstyling devices
a violet scarf
a non-digital photo camera
a photo film for black and white prints
an old map of Scandinavia
an empty book
a Calvin Klein perfume
a Thai laguage guide
different „Diddle“ letter paper
different esoteric postcards
artificial eyelsshes for carneval
a decoration dwarf

I have quite difficulties to think of people who I could donate these things to, as I am afraid, they might just have them standind around and no real use for it either.
But I will send the macrame books to my dear friend Kiko in Brazil, who is very into knotting bracelets and might be interested in these, too.
The book about starting over again I gave to my brother, who is struggling to find out what is the right thing for him to do in life now.

Furtheron I will ponder about, who to donate the other stuff to, as I really want to do so.
And I kindly request everyone who reads this blog, if you know a person who would appreciate one of the listed things, please let me know!


Hmm, what do I tend to consume? I mainly consume food :-), every once in a while a piece of clothing and very carefully selected electronic devices. Ja and I guess that‘s consumption as well, I travel quite a bit.


Here I try to either consume organic and or local. We have a farmers shop just around the corner, there is not everything organic, but we know the family and their good intentions.
Going shopping I buy as much as there is re-usable packaging.
I eat meat sometimes as my doctor said it is good for my stomache, that once in a while causes some troules, but I have redused my use in the last year quite a lot already.
We also have a vagetable garden in our backyard, where I could harvest fresh potatos and and green beans this week.

Clothing and Electronics

I purchased a few items this week. Which were a bunch of new underwar, a pair of jeans and a digital photo camera. However these aquirements will last for a while and came only on the list, because I lost my old camera 4 month ago, my last pair of jeans ripped about 2 month ago and a lot of my panties ripped already a long time ago.


This week I made a trip to Stuttgart, which is round about 200 km away from my home town. I travelled by train, which I usually do for these kinds of trips, even though car would be faster and sometimes even cheaper, because I think it is better for our environment. Trips like these I do usually something like once a month.


Hmm to be honest I don‘t know what to economize much. Most of the times I turn my coins a lot of times before I spend them. Maybe I my travelling could be economized, but unfortunatelly a lot of my friends live in different cities, and sometimes I long to see them. However I always try to kill two birds with one stone, so for example I met two different friends in Stuttgart this week.

Task 1/6

Who am I now?

Very basically, passportlike I am Silvia Angel born 31.07.1988 in Neu-Ulm. I am the middle one of three sibblings - an older brother and a younger sister. I graduated school 2008 with Abitur in Germany and spent the last 10 month at the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) in Sweden. Right now I am on a dance tour with 7 girls from YIP.

How do you feel?

I think tis poem of mine represents a lot of how I feel:

unperfect world?

whenever I see the sun rising

whenever I see the moon shining

I can feel that I’m living in a wonderful world


whenever I hear people crying

whenever I hear that persons are dying

I can sense that I’m living in an unperfect world


when I stand up in the morning

I can look into the mirror and frown

if you think about it
it could be worth it

to look into the mirror and smile


everything has it’s good sides

and everything has it bad sides

it’s your decision

which things you see

when I look into the world

I see a lot of problems

when I look a little bit closer

I see a lot of people who can solve them…
so I say:

we just have to get connected
and start acting
think about it

we just have to get connected

and start acting

…and the world will change…

Do you have professional Questions? What are they?

Questions I ask myself are for example:
How can we educate young people in a way that they become suvereign to follow their passions and dreams for the world?
How can we create political and economical systems that support cooperation and suvereinity?
How can we organize ourselves in a bigger maybe even global sense with out loosing the connection to our location, to the here and now?

What are you dreams?

Another poem:

My favourite Moments - when Learning truely happens

There are a certain kind of moments,
I’d like to foster.
They’re not always easy to describe

They happen once here, once there.

Sometimes they’re long, sometimes they’re short.
There are so many different ways to experience.

Once in a while, you might like to be on your own,
listening to the nature.
Another time, you might listen to a lecturer
with hundreds of others.

Or you sit in a circle,
directed by the authority of a talking piece.

You might have to choose between
a world- and a pro-action-cafe,
Think about, wether you want an open space
or an appreciative inquiry.

But what truly matters are the moments
in which we let go of fear and hope,
in which we let go of wrong and right.

When we connect to our curiosity towards the world and us.

When we establish a feeling of trust in us and the world.
These are the moments I want to foster.
These are the moments

when learning truly happens,

when learning really deepens,

when everything becomes a teacher.

I wrote this poem at an Art of Hosting training therefore the examples in itallic, but you can fill in any other situation where learning truely happens, the rest will still be true for me :-)

What are your challenges?

I think my challenges will be to find longterm fellows and the right place to start something with perspective.

My purpose:

I want to join, because I hope it will strengthen my will and capacties to go for what I believe in and help me find fellows and powerfull ways of working together.

My action:

I spent a lot of time time in the previous years, questioning our current economic, political and educational system. I have been taking actions in different areas in different ways.

During my schooltime I initiated and hosted the forming of a student council, seeing that this was the only way of giving the pupils a voice.

Since I was 16 I have been working with the OMNIBUS for Direct Democracy in Germany (www.omnibus.org), who aims to initiate a law, that gives the citizens the possibilities to initiate nation wide referedums in the country. I was mainly talking to people on the street discussion issues of suvereinity and democracy.

Last April I went on an internship in South Africa where I supported a friend of mine with his initiative of a Youth Development Center. I went in different classes in different schools with him and 4 other girl and asked the students what their dreams for the Center were. I also created a logo and website for his project.

As a final project of YIP I interviewed all my fellows there, what there thought was important for education and created a little 10 munite clip.

What is important for education. from YIP – One Year of Making Sense on Vimeo.

My commitment:

I want to help to develop schools into better places, where all the themes my fellow YIPpies touched on in the video are represented. I want to see that learning is fun and schools are places where young people can get inspired and like to be and I wish that students leave the school enable to shape their lifes the way they want to and co-create the society around them in a way that supports them.
As I am from Germany, I see myself getting engaged in projects there, but I will also follow the wind, see where it blows me to and where I am needed.